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10th grade Chinese language practice from Lilia Hurteau


VoiceThread can be used to teach Chinese in a high school setting. Students have to repeat the words and then make sentences with the new vocabulary. They record themselves and they have to be creative. I show the end project in the class and the students love it!


I saved a bunch of pictures of vegetables and then imported them into VoiceThread. I recorded myself saying the words in Chinese. I played the VoiceThread in my class and then took the students to the language lab to have them play with the program. I told them to record themselves saying a sentence using the new vocabulary. Students do it at home as homework. Then I played it in the class for everyone to hear. They loved it.

Goals and objectives

For students to learn the names of vegetables in Chinese. It can be boring but the VoiceThread project made it really fun and everybody participated.

Challenges or setbacks

The easiest part of our project was getting students to play with VoiceThread. The challenge was that some students had too much fun and were very goofy.


VoiceThread tutorials.


Make sure the students still know it's Homework and not just for fun only.


I can have students pretend they are the vegetables and say fun things in Chinese.

The VoiceThread